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After we turn 30, the healing capacity and cell turnover ratio of our skin diminish, Maintaining healthy skin requires developing a healthy skincare regime. After the age of 30, your skin looks dull, starts becoming dry, and appears dark spots. Taking necessary skin care preserves its youthfulness and health. Here are some tips for taking special care of your skin and maintaining a youthful complexion after the age of 30:

Take a nutritious diet for better skin health:

Maintaining better skin care involves more than just topical treatments. Incorporating a balanced and nutritious diet rich in vitamins, fats, and minerals is the most crucial element to give your skin the nourishment it requires. Therefore, ensure that you take a healthy and nutritious diet that contains lean proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, vegetables, and essential fatty acids. Taking fruit juice and salad help you detoxify your body from harmful toxins. This is an essential step you can not skip from your routine as maintaining sufficient nutrition level in your body help you get beautiful skin. 

Use facials to rejuvenate skin:

Applying a Facial massage on your skin is a great way to pamper your skin as it increases blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and stimulates lymphatic drainage. A facial made up for anti-aging is a fantastic way to that your should not skin even in a hectic schedule as it maintains a radiant and young look. Applying the face mask which is made up of natural ingredient add essential nutrients that your skin require for healthy and glowing skin. Consequently, you can enjoy benefits such as improved hydration, reduced dullness, and inflammation, & toning and smoothing of fine lines.   

Use a night cream for glowing skin:

Utilization of night cream with nourishing properties before going to bed, help you keep your skin hydrated, boost collagen production and reduce dryness. Women in their 30s should use a night cream having vitamin C properties as it improves skin’s elasticity and provides added protection against premature signs of aging. A night cream that has ingredients like collagen, retinol, amino acid, and vitamin helps you combat wrinkled skin and uneven complexion and stimulate cell growth. 

Wear sunscreen:

The importance of sunscreen can not be overstated especially after the age of 30s. Because as we get older our skin becomes more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful UV rays. This lead to permanent dark spots, increase the chances of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even causes skin cancer. Blushnglow offers its own range of products that are specially formulated to combat sun damage. Therefore, ensure that, you cover your face and neck thoroughly with sunscreen lotion.  

Wrapping up:

Along with the above tips, practicing some self-care habits such as daily exercise, adequate sleep, and staying hydrated are also essential to maintain a youthful glow. Not only that but reducing stress and harnessing positive emotions are also key factors to maintain your skin’s healthiness. 


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